Is there a minimum period for staying at Apartamentos Huertas?

Yes, the minimum stay is for 2 nights at Apartamentos Huertas. However, it’s possible to book only for a night at some dates. Generally, it´s the case for last- minute booking. For more information, please contact

Do I have to pay the full amount of my stay when booking?

No, you will have to pay 20% of the amount at the booking. This secured payment can be made with a credit/debit or a bank transfer. In this last case, fees are for the customer. The 80% of the amount left will be paid the day of the check-in at Apartamentos Huertas. You can pay cash or by credit/debit card.

What happens if I cancel my reservation?

We will be sorry not to count you among our customers but we will have to apply our cancellation policy:
In case of cancellation, the amount of 20% paid at the booking WON’T be returned except if the cancellation is made immediately. For more information, please, contact
Changes made in the booking period do not result in an extra cost, if you maintain the apartment type. It won’t be necessary either to pay another 20% for the new booking.
In case you won’t appear at the booking day without cancelling previously, we will be obliged to charge you the full amount of your reservation.

What should I know about my stay at Apartamentos Huertas?

What is the check-in process at Apartamentos Huertas?

Once, the booking confirmed, we will email you the indications to reach Apartamentos Huertas located in the historical center of Madrid, at 10 Huertas street, CP 28012. The nearest underground station is Anton Martin (line 1).
It would be useful if you tell us your approximate hour of arrival in order to avoid an unproductive waiting. The check-in hour at Apartamentos Huertas is fixed between 14:00 and 19:00 hours. Before this time, the check-in could be possible if the apartment is free and cleaned.
Out of this horary, we won´t be able to welcome you personally at the apartment but the staff of our bar-cafeteria will give you the keys and all the necessary information. Next day, our manager, Marc, will contact you and complete your installation. For more information, please contact
The day of the check-in, we will proceed to sign the agreement you will have received previously and to the payment of the renting amount left (80%) in cash or by credit/debit card. We will remain at your disposal for any question about your stay with us or about Madrid City.
The engagement of Apartamentos Huertas will consist in providing you the booked apartment cleaned and in good conditions of use.

How will be my stay at Apartamentos Huertas?

It’s our purpose that you could feel at ease with us; so, if you had suggestions, doubts or questions, if some device presents a difficulty, please call us immediately in order to find a solution and so you can enjoy fully your stay.
Bed linen, towels and a toilet kit will be freely provided. Other goods that you could need will be at your expense.
If you need to call a taxi or some other service, please contact with Marc, at the lobby, at the phone 666 969 486 or at the email

What is the check-out process at Apartamentos Huertas?

The day of the check-out, The Apartamentos Huertas staff, at a previously concerted hour, will take reception of the apartment and will check it with you. In case of voluntary caused damages, they will be charged.
The hour of check-out is fixed between 10:00 and 12:00 hours. If you wish to leave later and we don’t have any customer checking-in at that moment, you can delay your departure until 15:00 hours without additional fees.
For the departures included between 15:00 and 18:00 hours, we will charge an additional half-day rent; beyond 18:00 hours, a full day rent will be charged.
If you are leaving before 10:00 hours, please, let us know in order to organise your departure.

Do we have to pay extra fees during our stay?

No, everything is included in the total fees listed in the agreement. We don´t have particular conditions in our agreements.

How many people can fit in an apartment?

The number of people admitted in an apartment is indicated in the confirmation of the reservation.
If you wish to include one more person, you will have to pay at your arrival to Apartamentos Huertas extra 25€ per person and per night. The number of people admitted will depend on the type and capacity of the apartment booked. In case of necessity, you will be proposed a new and larger booking if we have vacancies at that moment.
Children under 5 years are free. From this age must be paid 15.00 euros per day.

Can we stay at Apartamentos Huertas with our pet?

No, pets are not allowed. If you travel with your pet, you can book on the website: https://www.seadmiten

Are there Rules of behaviour established at Apartamentos Huertas?

Yes, we expect our guests respect elementary rules of good behaviour in order to not disturb our other guests.
Celebrations are not allowed. It’s not allowed to make too much noise or to listen to music at a too high level.
Our guests are entitled to make an official complaint, if they need to, to the management of Apartamentos Huertas or the police.
Our guests are expected to maintain the apartment and the other facilities in reasonable hygienic conditions.
Failure to respect these rules may result in the expulsion from the apartment without any right to receive your money back. Moreover, Apartamentos Huertas reserve the right to initiate pursues according to the law.

How does the booking process of my apartment work?

The reservation of the apartment is by type: Studio apartment, One Bedroom apartment, Two Bedrooms apartments, Loft apartments. So we guarantee you the type but not a particular apartment. In the very improbable case your reservation could not be respected, Apartamentos Huertas will propose you a superior type apartment without additional cost; or it will be reversed to you the full amount you had paid.

How can I ask for an invoice?

If you wish to receive an invoice including in the total price of the reservation the detailed Value Added Tax (VAT), please inform us previously, preferently during the day of the check-in in order to have it established at your departure. Otherwise, we will email it to you. We will need the following details:
1. Name of the person or legal entity.
2. Identity or fiscal number.
3. Address
The VAT rate applicable is 10%.

What if I want to give an opinion or make a reclamation?

We will appreciate your opinions, suggestions or reclamations about your stay and experience with Apartamentos Huertas. We will take care of it and find a solution as quick as possible. We will inform you of the result.
How to proceed?
1. At the apartment, you will find a Quality form in which you can rate the service, quality and experience of your stay. The quality forms are anonymous and are processed weekly.
2. Through the on-line enquiry. At your departure, we will e-mail it to you.
3. You can contact personally at our office our quality program manager or e-mail him at